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Job Hunting Websites

Everyone knows about LinkedIn... but what else is out there?

LinkedIn is one of the easiest places to apply to many software engineering jobs quickly, but how many responses can you actually get with no recruiter contacts or anything to differentiate your profile from thousands of others? Probably not that many regardless of your qualifications and seniority.

Aside from applying through LinkedIn or directly applying through company websites, there are many other ways to get noticed by many companies at once and make your job search more efficient. Here are just a few of the tech-oriented job hunting platforms and job boards that offer a streamlined service and a change of pace from LinkedIn.

Best for Startups

If you're interested in startups and mid-sized companies, look into and Triplebyte for getting in touch with many of them at once. In fact, on both platforms, many companies will reach out to you first by nature of how their process works.'s Process

  1. Sign up and submit an application with a resume and Linkedin.
  2. If your application is approved by reviewers, you are immediately placed into the next round. Rounds take place every two weeks.
  3. During the round, you are given access to the profiles of all the companies on Underdog. You will also be contacted through email by any companies that are interested in you. A noteworthy aspect is the analytics that become available to you.
  4. You can easily respond "Not Interested" to companies that contact you with a click of a button in the email you used to sign up. Otherwise, you can continue communicating with the company through your inbox as normal.
  5. After the round is over, your profile is deactivated on Underdog and Underdog will ask for feedback on companies and your experience on the platform.

Underdog's system works great because if your profile is strong in certain skills, you'll have 6-12 companies contacting you all within two weeks. You won't need to do anything other than construct your initial Underdog profile.

This makes job hunting much lower effort in terms of sending applications and getting past resume screens. It also consolidates all your job interviews into a condensed timeframe.

Top startup jobs and candidates in NYC and San Francisco |

Triplebyte Process

  1. Sign up and take a multiple choice technical quiz.
  2. Once approved, you are allowed access to the Triplebyte platform, and you can contact companies through it.
  3. Triplebyte will match you to companies with roles that suit your skillset and experience level.

The advantage of applying through Triplebyte is Triplebyte will vouch for your technical skills and can typically fast-track you through interview processes. This way you can skip to the final interview instead of going through 3 or 4 rounds of technical interviews.

Triplebyte: Engineer Job Search, Refactored.

Streamlined Job Hunting Platforms

If you're looking for a platform that streamlines job hunting, but is more general and hosts larger companies, Hired and Honeypot are two popular platforms that could be suitable.


Similar to Underdog, companies apply to you instead of the other way around on Hired. As an added bonus, Hired displays salaries and compensation packages upfront. The platform is a great choice if you don't have to spend time going through the rounds only to find out the compensation doesn't match your expectations.

Hired - Job Search Marketplace. Tech Job Hunting Simplified!


Although we haven't tried it out ourselves, Honeypot has great reviews. It is a European job platform, which great for those who live there and or want to work there because many other platforms are US-oriented.

Honeypot | Europe's Developer-Focused Job Platform

Alternative Job Boards

Not looking for job hunting as a service, but rather just an alternative to LinkedIn? There are plenty of other job boards that list companies LinkedIn might not or are more specific to a certain section of the industry.


AngelList is largely for startups, many of them early-stage. It is probably the largest platform to find great startups on. However, you will have to do some of your own filtering, which can be difficult with early-stage startups.


Stack Overflow and GitHub

Not everyone knows this, but there are reliable job boards on Stack Overflow and GitHub, platforms you probably spend plenty of time on anyway.

Stack Overflow Jobs

GitHub Jobs


For a job board that is more general like LinkedIn, you can check out Monster. From a quick search, it seems its results are pretty different from Linkedin's.

Find Jobs Near You and Build a Career | Monster

Interested in Freelance?

If you're interested in finding freelance jobs, but don't want to deal with the mess that is Upwork and Fiverr or handling your own clients, there are quite a few great platforms for streamlining the freelance process. These platforms vet every client and every developer thoroughly before allowing access to their network.

Check out some of these freelance platforms in our For Freelancers section of the wiki.

Freelance Platforms