Community Rules

  1. Don’t ask to ask a question. Just ask your question, and knowledgeable people will answer if they are available.

  2. Before asking company specific questions (e.g OA2 assessment for Amazon) please use the search function because more often than not, they have already been answered.

  3. Avoid discussions on dating, politics, religion, or other controversial topics. There are other Discord servers for that.

  4. Don’t belittle other members if their career goals are different than yours. There are many paths to success in CS careers; it isn’t an optimization problem. No elitism.

  5. Joining this community purely for sharing or promoting content is frowned upon and likely will result in the content being deleted.

  6. While information security (hacking) is a respectable discipline within technology, it needs to be done within the confines of the law. If you post a hacking request or any other entities' personal information or source code, you will immediately be banned.

  7. Please refrain from discussing matters relating to suicide and similar issues. None of us are professionals nor can help meaningfully. Suicide hotlines:

  8. Any toxicity is subject to a temporary or permanent ban. More specifically, toxicity includes, but is not limited to, a condescending or otherwise offensively impolite or ill-mannered attitude and tone, intolerance, lack of decorum, and ignoring warnings. Other offenses are subject to moderator and administrator judgement.

Channel Etiquette

  1. Each channel is meant for a specific topic. Take conversation to the appropriate channel.

  2. Consider the audience. Your words are read by more than those you address them to, and conversation here is expected to remain professional and inclusive.

  3. The #tech-chat channel is for general conversation around CS careers, programming, and the tech industry. If you find the conversation steering away from that please take it to #offtopic.

  4. Keep discussions about Leetcode et al. to the #programming-challenges channel.

  5. No advertising outside of the channels in the Advertising channel category. Additionally, #share-your-content is only for sharing content you created yourself and is not for services.

  6. Do not spam the same messages in multiple channels. Choose the most relevant channel and send your message once.

Mock Interview Guidelines

  1. Be courteous. If you're a no-show or are unreasonably late to the scheduled interview, you will be blacklisted from the channel for a week. Repeated offences may result in permanent expulsion from mock interviews.

  2. Spectating an interview is allowed only if both the interviewer and interviewee have no qualms with it. Please refrain from repeatedly connecting/disconnecting from the voice channel as it disturbs the ongoing interview.

  3. While we understand that certain circumstances are unavoidable, try to ensure that both parties' internet connection and microphone are in working condition.

If you want to ask something and you're unsure whether or not it breaks the rules then #ask-a-mod.