Senior Engineer Roundtable: A Talk With Senior, Staff, and Management-Level Engineers

Thursday, July 8 2021 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET

Recording & Question Timestamps

Join the CSCH crew for an evening chat about the experiences of three senior and staff level engineers at various companies! Have your questions ready for ender, sci, and vcarl as we explore their lengthy career and plentiful experiences in a Thursday evening roundtable.

You can already submit your questions for Thursday in #event-questions, where you can vote with a "thumbs up" on your favorite ones. Questions with the highest votes will make it into our rotation, so be sure to get yours in early!

Just some of things you could ask questions about are:

  • Their experience at different levels
  • What it takes to get to their current level
  • Responsibility differences
  • Mentor and mentee relationships
  • Handling projects and priorities as a senior

Guest speakers:

  • ender (CSCH Senior Mod, Staff SWE @ Undisclosed medium tech company, previously AWS)

    ender has been an engineer for almost 10 years in a variety of roles. Starting off as a mechanical engineer who liked writing code and ending up in tech, he currently works as a Staff Engineer/SDET at a medium-sized company leading technical direction in the QA organization of ~35 people and driving cross engineering projects. Previous to his current role he was at AWS as a Systems Development Engineer building tooling for CI/CD automation. In addition to being a moderator on CSCH, he previously was a moderator on Stack Exchanges "The Workplace" and loves mentoring and helping folks.

  • sci (CSCH Server Contributor, Staff SWE @ Undisclosed large tech company)

    sci is a Staff SWE who has worked in the ecommerce and payments space for her career of seven years, and is an expert in enterprise scale systems and architecture. She has been a bit of a rarity in the Bay as someone who stayed at one company for almost seven years, only just now recently making a switch to a different company to lead a team on payments tooling and infrastructure. She has interviewed hundreds of Big N candidates and mentored multiple juniors on their way to mid-levels and beyond, and highly enjoys the process of both leading and growing future engineers with their career whenever possible.

  • vcarl (CSCH Senior Mod, Engineering Manager @ SDF)

    Carl Vitullo, aka vcarl, is a moderator in CSCH and Reactiflux. Since his first software job in 2012, he has worked for 8 different companies, ranging from a local printshop to a fortune 50 company. He's worked for companies doing transit, agriculture technology, advertising, finance, healthcare, and cryptocurrency, almost exclusively doing frontend web development with React.

Moderated by: Kevin (CSCH Founder, SWE @ Amazon, previously Google, Microsoft, TripAdvisor)

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As usual, this is a professional event and we expect the best out of participants - both guests and audience members. Hope to see you Thursday! #DiscordStages #ad