Veteran Job Hoppers: Experiences at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Friday, June 25 2021 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET

Recording & Question Timestamps

Join the CSCH crew for an evening chat about the experiences of two veteran job hoppers - one hopping through all the Big Ns and through many startups! Have your questions ready for Kevin and vcarl as we explore big corp life vs startup life, job hopping, and more!

You can already submit your questions for Friday in #event-questions, where you can vote with a "thumbs up" on your favorite ones. Questions with the highest votes will make it into our rotation, so be sure to get yours in early!

Our two speakers are serial job hoppers - that is to say they have experienced a lot of different companies. However they hop on different ends of teh spectrum. One has had lots of Big N experiences and the other has been through the gauntlet at various startups. Just some of things you could ask questions about are:

  • Differences between the Big N and startup experience
  • Experiences at each company or type of company
  • Experiences changing jobs frequently
  • Climbing the career or monetary ladders

Guest speakers:

  • Kevin (CSCH Founder, SWE @ Amazon)

    Kevin is the creator of CSCH and began his career in the Navy. After serving for 5 years, he left to start his path in electrical engineering, but somewhere along the way, transitioned to software engineering. Since then, he has worked at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and TripAdvisor as a software engineer.

  • vcarl (CSCH Senior Mod, Engineering Manager @ SDF)

    Carl Vitullo, aka vcarl, is a moderator in CSCH and Reactiflux. Since his first software job in 2012, he has worked for 8 different companies, ranging from a local printshop to a fortune 50 company. He's worked for companies doing transit, agriculture technology, advertising, finance, healthcare, and cryptocurrency, almost exclusively doing frontend web development with React.

Moderated by: ff (CSCH Community Director)

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As usual, this is a professional event and we expect the best out of participants - both guests and audience members. We'll see you on Friday! #DiscordStages #ad