Engineering Leadership Roundtable: A Talk With Director, VP, and Founder-Level Engineers and Leaders

Friday, July 30 2021 @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST

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Join the CSCH crew for an evening chat about the experiences of director, senior VP, and C-level leaders at small to large companies! Have your questions ready for Tamas, Jeremy, and Ian (statico) as we explore their lengthy career and plentiful experiences in a Friday evening roundtable.

You can submit your questions for Friday in #event-questions once the channel is unlocked, and vote with a "thumbs up" on your favorite ones. Questions with the highest votes will make it into our rotation, so be sure to get yours in early!

Friday's AMA builds on our Senior Engineering Roundtable and goes one step further into Engineering Leadership. Our guests have gone from individual contributors to leadership roles at startups and top tech companies, managing teams and leading organizations.

Topics for this AMA will largely include:

  • Highlights from their journey thus far
  • Underappreciated skills in ICs
  • Vision for new and young developers joining their orgs
  • Trends they see that you can leverage

Guest speakers:

  • TamasHenning (CSCH Contributor, Director of Security Engineering @ Marqeta, formerly Senior Manager @ Roblox)

    Tamas is an instinctive, meticulous, and forward-thinking security professional with years of senior leadership experience that have created a passion for implementing effective cyber-security programs, best practices, strategies and technologies via a combination of exceptional thought leadership and innovative directions. Through his career Tamas has held various roles across various security disciplines and launched numerous successful programs that aimed at effectively reaching goals vs checking the box. Tamas is currently the Director of Security Engineering at Marqeta, an advisor at XR Safety Initiative focusing on Trust and Safety and a vCISO for OR Security. Previously was interim CISO for Novi and focused on child safety initiatives at Roblox. More info on his LinkedIn.

  • Jeremy (CSCH Contributor, Senior VP @ Thrasio, formerly VP of Engineering @ Tripadvisor)

    Jeremy is the SVP of Technology at Thrasio, where he oversees the engineering, product management, data science and analytics teams. He’s working on rapidly scaling out all technology systems and functions at one of the fastest-growing unicorns in history.

    Before Thrasio, Jeremy was the VP of Engineering, Consumer Product, at Tripadvisor. He led a team of over 200 software engineers, and was in charge of engineering for all traveler facing surfaces, including the Tripadvisor website and native app. Jeremy has accrued a wealth of experience leading at Tripadvisor. In the beginning, he was a Technical Manager on the Vacation Rentals team, but rapidly took on more responsibility including SEO, data warehousing, payments and checkout and Experiences.

    Prior to Tripadvisor, Jeremy was a Software Development Manager at Zoominfo. He was responsible for leading their data acquisition and profiling teams, where he launched a number of successful projects including a total rebuild of their People data processing platform. More info on his LinkedIn.

  • statico (CSCH Contributor, CTO @ stealth startup, formerly SWE @ Google)

    Ian is a published author, generalist software engineer, and startup CTO. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2006 and immediately joined Google where he worked on strategic partnerships for YouTube, Google News, and more. Since leaving Google in 2010 he has joined two startups that were acquired, started his own gaming startup, was an independent consultant, and was the CTO of a startup studio in San Francisco where he grew the technology and engineering teams behind multiple successful startups. He has reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and hired dozens of engineers. He is now working on a new business and product. More info on his LinkedIn.

Moderated by: ff (CSCH Community Director)

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As usual, this is a professional event and we expect the best out of participants - both guests and audience members. Hope to see you Friday! #DiscordStages #ad