CS Career Hub Pilot AMA: Learn More About the CSCH Community and Team and Ask CS Career Questions

Friday, May 28 2021 @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Recording & Question Timestamps

Join the CSCH crew for an evening chat about anything SWE! Have your questions ready for our guests Kevin, Brenda, Gopher, cassy, and semi as we explore their history in the field, the CSCH community, and their perspective on the CS career questions asked.

You can already submit your questions for Friday in #event-questions, where you can vote with a "thumbs up" on your favorite ones. Questions with the highest votes will make it into our rotation, so be sure to get yours in early!

Guest Speakers:

  • Kevin (CSCH Founder, SWE @ Amazon)
  • Brenda (CSCH Partner, SWE @ Adobe)
  • Gopher (CSCH Senior Mod, SWE @ Samsung Ads)
  • cassy (CSCH Server Contributor, Researcher @ N/A)
  • semi (CSCH Server Contributor, resident TC chaser, SWE @ AWS)

Moderated by: ff (CSCH Community Director)

For future event notifications, please go to #get-roles and grab the @Event Notifications role or keep our Event Calendar at https://cscareerhub.com/event-calendar bookmarked.

As usual, this is a professional event and we expect the best out of participants - both guests and audience members. We'll see you on Friday! #DiscordStages #ad