Building a Career During College, From Serial Interns to New Grads

Friday, June 11 2021 @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET

Recording & Question Timestamps

Join the CSCH crew for an evening chat about early careers in tech! Have your questions ready for Brenda and Gopher as we explore internships, the new grad life, and more!

You can already submit your questions for Friday in #event-questions, where you can vote with a "thumbs up" on your favorite ones. Questions with the highest votes will make it into our rotation, so be sure to get yours in early!

Our two speakers were serial interns in college with 5+ internships and part-time dev jobs and have now been at their first full-time job for 1-2 years as new grads. Just some of things you could ask questions about are:

  • Getting an internship
  • Internship experiences
  • New grad experiences
  • Internship life versus new grad life
  • Advice on getting internships early
  • Various projects worked on
  • Work in college aside from internships

Guest Speakers:

  • Brenda (CSCH Partner, SWE @ Adobe)

    She has been hanging out in CSCH as a moderator for years and is now Kevin's partner in crime in developing the community. She held quite a few internships during her time at UC Berkeley, along with freelance jobs and part-time developer jobs. After graduating, she started as a full-time software engineer at Adobe. On the side, she still does some freelance here and there, but has moved away from development into other interests such as writing and community management.

  • Gopher (CSCH Senior Mod, SWE @ Samsung Ads)

    A programming language enthusiast and graduate of the University of Sherbrooke, a small school in the Quebec countryside, where he completed five internships as part of his co-op program. He has been an active user on CSCH since his second year, eventually becoming a moderator a couple of years ago. He has been working at his first full-time job as a software engineer at Samsung Ads since November 2020.

Moderated by: ff (CSCH Community Director)

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As usual, this is a professional event and we expect the best out of participants - both guests and audience members. We'll see you on Friday! #DiscordStages #ad