Senior Engineer Roundtable: A Talk With Senior, Staff, and Management-Level Engineers

Video Recording

Question Timestamps

00:00 Intro

04:47 In the first 30-90 days of joining an organization, what are your planned strategies for learning and delivering impact ASAP?

11:02 How do you value your work as a self-proprietor? Breaking down cost requirements for designing web-based projects

19:58 What were the strategies and decisions that moved you from a senior-level role to a staff-level role?

31:25 How much of your time (%) do you spend mentoring juniors?

38:41 What do you do to sell new ideas to management? How to establish consensus, and enforce new changes?

48:28 What's your architectural approach as you get more senior / more responsibilities?

53:49 What’s your biggest professional success so far? What were some of the biggest failures you’ve experienced? (Technical, interpersonal, business)

01:04:16 Are any of you self-taught? Have you faced imposter syndrome and how do you get past that? How did you know you were ready to make the jump from senior to staff?

01:16:21 Have you worked for a bad company before? How can you differentiate between a good engineering org and a bad one? What are the red flags?

01:25:22 How to decide between two startup offers: Pre-IPO and private?

01:32:20 Have you ever had junior engineers ask too many questions (mostly related to valid questions), and how did you deal with that? Where should Junior engineers draw the line between active engagement/learning and annoyance?

01:41:44 Thoughts on spending 10-20 minutes to figure out a question yourself, and then asking someone else

01:45:18 General Thoughts & Resources

01:52:42 Closing Statement