Veteran Job Hoppers: Experiences at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Video Recording

Question Timestamps

00:00 Intro

03:41 What does a good manager look like to you?

12:14 How do hiring managers look for candidates? / How to land more interviews?

15:12 What has been your longest tenure at a job and what made you stay so long?

19:20 Examples of bad productivity/business metrics

26:00 How have your metrics for target companies changed as you changed jobs?

29:50 How do you know when to hop from a workplace?

37:45 Have connections from previous jobs ever helped your career?

45:00 What has been your shortest tenure at a job and what made you leave so quickly?

50:48 How to approach job search when you're already working?

54:24 Have you felt any issues in the hiring process related to hopping jobs too much? Are you worried about this long-term?

58:30 How do you try and avoid burning bridges?

01:08:20 Did your attitude towards job hopping change in any way with the introduction of any major life status changes e.g. getting married or having children or anything where you desired more consistency and/or stability in your life?

01:16:07 Did the emotional weight (stress, anxiety, etc) that can come along with changing jobs become less or dwindle over time, or has it remained the same throughout your career?

01:21:30 Do you feel that job-hopping has significantly impacted your rate of compensation? If so, how much do you feel that it has affected it?

01:27:03 How long do you work at one job before moving up in rank/pay?

01:31:22 What stories/signals do people commonly see as "it's time to go", but you see as a signal to stay?

01:35:35 What is the panel's opinion on bell curves in performance appraisals (Good, Bad, Evil, any alternatives)? Follow-up question: How do you have such a nice voice ff? Spill your secrets.

01:43:11 Closing Statement

01:44:45 Final Thoughts