CS Career Hub Pilot AMA: Learn More About the CSCH Community and Team and Ask CS Career Questions

Audio Recording

Question Timestamps

0:00 Intro and information about CSCH and future AMA's

6:26 Which elements of the CSCH community do you enjoy the most? Helping new members, making friendships, casual chit chat, etc?

16:47 What is the most spectacular/memorable failure either you or your team was involved in? What did you end up learning from it, if anything?

27:30 What is the worse piece of common advice or most common piece of bad advice you see posted here, or on other platforms like Reddit, articles, etc?

34:07 Was software engineering/computer science your first choice or did any of you pivot to tech from another field? If so, how was the experience?

49:22 Do you have any advice for getting to speed at a new role/team or company, and how best not to feel like an imposter in those first few months?

1:04:49 What got you into the creation of CSCH? Follow up: Why'd you rename from CS Career Hackers to CS Career Hub?

1:13:27 To Kevin: Why did you leave Google for Microsoft, and what were the major differences in the cultures at those companies?

1:15:54 Follow up to Kevin's response: Wasn't it possible to transfer internally within Google?

1:18:00 What would you say the biggest difference is between a person with working development experience vs someone who is just starting out. Follow up: What is it like to work in a team?

1:28:24 If you could go back to the start of your career and do one thing differently, what would it be and why?

1:40:38 What are the top three things (behaviors, habits, principles or actions) you consider most important to your success?

1:52:23 Which programming language or framework would you recommend learning for the post COVID-19 job market?

2:05:02 Any opinions on the best way to negotiate salary? Most resources state not to state a number first.

2:13:53 What is your favorite downtime activity? How do you unwind after a long day of work?

2:18:00 What is the endgame in terms of the career path you're on? Staying as a software engineer or moving career paths?

2:28:19 Discussion on ageism in tech

2:36:43 Final Thoughts