Building a Career During College, From Serial Interns to New Grads

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Question Timestamps

00:00 Intro

03:32 What are traits that make a good engineer?

08:25 What's your favorite question to ask interviewers?

13:23 Advice for a self-taught high school graduate?

19:16 Fullstack web development vs niche fields likes embedded?

25:44 Going from low-level development to backend web development?

27:40 What can you do in your first 1-3 years to improve your resume for top tech companies?

36:24 What are the best ways to prepare for interviews at top tech companies?

41:38 Pointers on networking during the pandemic? What do companies look for in interns?

47:46 How important is it to research non-CS fields when working as a dev in those fields?

56:00 What are your views on Udemy courses to learn different technologies?

01:02:34 How to negotiate compensation for a first job?

01:10:57 How to spot scam internships/jobs?

01:19:25 What programming languages are best for starting a career?

01:32:04 Closing Statement